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Hello and welcome... 

There's not much here yet, I just recently decided to post some of my work. I've had literally thousands of bits published over my life so there's a lot to pick from. I'll be posting many items of interest including some of the business studies, articles & booklets I've written as well as some of the photography, charts, graphs, etc. I've done that have been popular sellers over the years.  Many of my publications have been used in the corporate world. 

There's a lot more content to come.  I have in storage about 50 years of business studies I've done in my professional career, science studies, and Biblical studies.  I'll eventually post all of them here.  I'm convinced the Bible is the greatest source of information about history, things of today, and the future.  Many of my research projects have been purchased and used by Christian ministers of a wide variety of denominations.  I'm excited about learning and passing on what I've learned.  And I've become convinced that the gap between science and the Bible is a lot smaller than many claim.

I make revisions & additions on the fly.  You can see it as I build it.  If something seems unfinished, it probably seems so because it isn't finished.  I make updates and revisions constantly.  So please keep that in mind as you read.  And, while I run all kinds of spelling/grammar checkers on the pages, if you see an obvious spelling or grammar error, or you find a link that does not work right, feel free to email me.

My life became a bit fragmented after the last major hurricane so now I'm rebuilding.  After 30 years on the gulf coast - hit by multiple costly hurricanes, I decided to move inland.  That is a chore, let me tell you.  I'm posting as much as I can as fast as I can.  Keep coming back - there will be a lot of material here.  Anyway, explore my site.  I hope you enjoy it.  

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